Maps and Modes

After playing the beta I had the most fun on Hideout and Farmland. Refinery is an alright map and is somehow the most balance in my opinion, but it isn't that fun. For the attacking insurgents on Farmland it is a struggle since objective A is the most difficult part of the map. Hideout is really fun and it reminds me of Sinjar back in Insurgency without the spawn rush RPG. My suggestion for the Push game mode is to add the mode Invasion in. Invasion was really fun in Day of Infamy since the attacking side isn't rushed with only 5 waves at the beginning, so they have chances to do trial and error attacks to see which one works. Many people would like Invasion in this game.

I find Refinery quite frustrating as there is sooo many levels to cover/to check. 🙂

Refinery is freakin' hard. I'd like it if it wasn't for my terrible FPS in this game. Refinery just eats my PC haha