what do you use?

i need a new controller (PC). i bought a cheap one online, wireless, 360 config.
the one i have works. however it is not very sensitive as far as the gas pedal button (almost on or off, not really able to feather the throttle) and the steering is similar not able to hold a halfway position.
And Wireless or Wired does one out proform the other? digital or analog??
i have a little over 500 hours on it, so for $10 not too bad.
any recommendations will be appreciated.
PS: i Only play Spintires/Mudrunner and the FS 15/17 games.. Rufus

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while i prefer to use key board control when playing ST/MR, i use controllers for all my other driving games. i have wired and wireless official and knock offs (Rock Candy) i will say not having to worry about batteries vs no cord to tangle is the only difference i see to think about on wired or wireless. now when it comes to trigger feels and sensitivity i would go with the real deal xbox controllers. although there may be some aftermarket controllers that are just as good or better, but i have not tried all of them and some can get a little pricey imo for a controller, but it is hard to beat factory (official) stuff usually.

just my 2cnts

thank you for the advice 8up, going to grab one now. a good new year to all. Rufus

I'm with @8up-local on this one...
Currently I'm rocking a Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2 and it "does the trick" but that's about it...
A legit X360 or Xbox One controller (with the Windows receiver hardware, of course) would be your best bet as far as overall compatibility and functionality for your money.

I'm using a "Liquid Metal Xbox One" controller, the star wars one, only ÂŁ25 and works like a dream.

PDP Afterglow Wired prismatic controller, officially lisenced by xbox microsoft $50,- give or take. comes with app for personal customization

i'm not finding any New controllers. the 'Real' controllers are all sold as used???(ps3/X360). Am I missing something?? Rufus

TY digital X, the controllers that you shared are only available for UK shipping.

yeah, sadly that is how some things go i guess. maybe another site can be found that you can order from?

@rufus, I have an xbox 360 controller and the gas pedal feels almost like an on/off switch when playing MR. ST is close and so is Baja, edge of control. I thought it was just MR but I just tried ST, MR and Baja and they're all pretty close to the same.

Here's a bunch of listings on amazon.com for an Xbox 360 Controller

Do you use the triggers for throttle and brake? If so, I don't believe the triggers were "analog" on the 360 controllers like they are on the Xbone controllers, but definitely correct me if I'm wrong since I've never owned an Xbox360...

@mexican_420, Yes, I use the left/right triggers but have no idea if they're analog or not.

I bought a used factory ps3 controller, and another ZD ps3 clone, yesterday.( the used controller cost more than the new clone).
i'll let everyone know how it works out... THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK!! Rufus

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