Please Consider PVP Team deathmatch

While i respect the team modes that are there in PVP right now I hope you'll consider incorporating a team deathmatch mode for PVP. I say this because at the moment it seems like the majority of players just want to sit on the side lines and snipe in and around the OBJ, Weather there a sniper class or not. It becomes the safest way to get a high KD which most players are wanting to achieve for there own self satisfaction, But as this is detrimental to winning the game buy not capturing or playing on the point, Its fundamentally flawed where the people who are actually trying to PTFO use red dots or kobra sites to get up close an personal on the points to secure or defend are easily out classed by the many snipers along the way, yet once they get to the OBJ its a easy take because there is little if no resistance on the point of contention. I feel if you can cater to those players in particular buy giving them and "me also" a team deathmatch mode with a spawn system just like Battlefield 3 it will give the people who like and understand that OBJ based game modes are meant to be played with the thought an respect it deserves. Many of people in this community are seemingly coming from the battlefield franchise and from talking to many of my friends and others, Having another Noshahr Canals inspired guns only gamemode would be right up our ally. PLZ PLZ PLZ CONSIDER THIS! Noshahr Canals TDM was the best for a reason. Thankyou.

They were asked about this in a stream yesterday and said they don't really want a TDM mode because it's usually silly. As in it probably won't come. Would be a nice addition anyway.

Sounds very stupid an foolish to me if that's what there thinking. 90% of gamers are just casual gamers. They should realise in doing so, It would boost player numbers drastically and keep the gamers around long term. If they could cater to all, they'd have the market to themselves. "No one would be playing battlefield or anything else"

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@fattmedic Not all casual gamers want the same thing and there is nothing stopping the community from creating any kind of game mode once the game is officially released.

Well, Insurgency isn't the type of game where you go forth and mindlessly go psychopath on killing all players. At least there not supposed to, lol.

If you wanted to find a really good deathmatch game mode, there plenty of shooter out there that allow you to do just that. I want to be clear that Insurgency is the game where you go out there and complete specific objective. It just happens to be that not many players usually play for the objective. This probably explain why Insurgency is a very niche shooter if you ask me. Don't expect any battle royal game mode for Sandstorm, too.

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