EU Region only?

Will there be a US region at all soon, during closed beta? Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate like if something is bugged or glitching, or if I'm just having lag due to the high latency I'm getting, usually 180+ on average and frequent jumps of 3800 - 5000 ms. Game is constantly skipping due to connection, especially when driving which is almost undo-able at that point.

Also, can you guys remove the penalization of vehicles in the adrenaline poison zones (except when not moving/ or moving extremely slow)? it just sucks when you're caught in one while in a vehicle, and you have to exit and sprint to survive.. only to get caught in the next one, and it becomes a nonstop sprint for miles right up to the end.

Hey! There is NA server but its closed due to long queue times. The dev team decided to provide EU only so matches can be filled up faster.

Hi mate,

In relation the question above, will there be a Oceanic server? i was part of the recent closed beta but was never able to actually enter a game, just sat there with between 8 and 32 people and over 300 ms of ping.

Im a huge fan of the STALKER series so this game ticks a lot of boxes by having a similar setting and feel as that series, just need to know if buying it will be a waste of time for anyone in this part of the world.


Hey! There is OCE server too, but its closed for same reason as NA server.
I think all servers will be active when EA starts. Until then, please, spread the words about this game so there will be more OCE players 🙂

EU ping 115
N/A and ping is 111
AZ/OCE witch the ping is 268

What a joke