The Blood Bowl 2 graphics and UI options are limited as they currently stand. The current options available for couches are turning off spectators, grass, and a basic quality and resolution setting.

Some ideas I have:

Having an option to change the speed of the camera. It would just allow coaches to navigate the pitch quicker. You guys already have a camera location option from blood bowl 1, which I really appreciate!

Having the option to simplify the user interface. It would be nice to have the ability to turn off all animations for movement and selecting players. Even rearranging players at the beginning of the game is slow with all the unnecessary fade-in/fade-out animations. on a similar note, having the option do simplify dice animations would speed things up as it often takes several seconds for the dice to pop up when selecting someone to block.

In short, just having more settings for people that like Blood Bowl 2, but want a faster experience when it comes to the UI. Even just having a Blood Bowl 1 UI option would be amazing!