Chaos Pact and Khorn DLC ?

and this was out with the last patch too ? 🙂

I admit that may be the 2d time I go this page ... So if it was ther before, maybe I missed it ^^

@obsidian That page is in the reference of the Blood Bowl 1: Chaos Edition races.

damn ... you're right ^^

I was lost with the Blood bowl 2 at the head of the page !

ok, so still no real news on the game 😞

Indeed dude, the lack of news about our beloved game is just sad & exasperating...

When are we going to get them? They are my fav teams in all the blood bowl universe and I would gladly pay!

Doubtful they're interested in porting them over to be honest. There was an update where they accidentally included old files showing the team templates for Khorne but there was no models etc made. Think it was a case they considered it during Legendary Edition planning phase at the studio but went with the more recognised other eight instead (I'd have prefered Khorne over Elf Union which I feel didn't add much new but it is what it is).