Infested Mines Update - DLC available!


Space Hulk: Deathwing – Enhanced Edition expands with the Infested Mines DLC, available free now on PC and PS4!

Included in the massive update is a new map, Infested Mines, playable in Solo Special Missions and Multiplayer Co-op. With more verticality than any other map, these twisting underground caverns and corridors strike a balance between terrifying claustrophobia and wide-open battlefields.


This brings the total multiplayer map count of the game to eight, each with a massive amount of replayability on different difficulties and with various squad compositions. With improvements made to the general balance of the game as well as specific issues with AI Terminator team-mates, single-player and multiplayer games are improved substantially.

Also included in this update is the ability to turn off the HUD. This can give an additional level of difficulty and realistic feel to the fighting, as well as being the perfect way to make your own fantastic screenshots. On top of that is a raft of bug fixes and tweaks to keep the game running smoothly.


Both the map and update are now available on PS4 as well, including adding additional customisation items to PS4 that were originally seen on PC during the Skull Event last month.

Find the patchlog below.


  • A whole new map "Infested Mines" playable in Special Missions, for both solo and multiplayer. Requires the free DLC activated.
  • A brand new Picture Mode is available.
    • In the game options, enable this Picture Mode to deactivate the game UI. You can also play without the game UI with this activated.
  • Server filter research now has a both option "-" (instead of just yes/no except for Password).


  • Limit to XP farming: no XP granted for players who didn't actually play the map in multiplayer.
  • Gamepad sprint system updated. The sprint is now a toggle when using a controller.
  • Added a possibility to cancel a psygate when calling it by using the same input.
  • Added flinches to Aberrant with distance weapons when hit.
  • NPC Terminators have better placement when they are close from doors.
  • NPC Terminators react better to move orders.
  • Various small AI improvements.
  • Re-enabling emissive fading on impact on High and Epic configurations on PC.
  • Explosive Genestealers' sounds are now spatialized correctly.
  • New Icon for the Psygate to separate it from the game objective.
  • Improve performance on the Special Missions Chapter 7.
  • Added Feedback when trying to buy an item without enough currency.

Bug Fixes

  • It is now possible to chat while you are in deathcam.
  • Fix rare crash related to culling.
  • Fix rare crash related to zoom custo equipment.
  • Fix Navigation issue on Chap 07 (campaign & Special Mission).
  • Rebuilt lights & corrected an outmap in chap7 Special Mission.
  • Improved navigation on Chap 06.
  • Fix collision of some walls on chapter’s 3 vision.
  • You can no longer block the geneseed door during the defend area on Chapter 5.
  • SM chap 05 lighting rebuild.
  • Inverting mouse's controls doesn't invert them on the order wheel.
  • Fixed some navigation issues where Genestealers were stuck in Chapter 02 .
  • Fixed fire sound in the Dark Angel chamber during the end game cinematic.
  • Fixed Assault cannon sound that continued to be played in some cases.
  • Fixed Switching from mouse to gamepad on custo menu can stuck the player.
  • Fixed some customization elements that were not displaying correctly after switching to another weapon.
  • Fixed Skull badges could appear on some weapons that were not meant to have them.
  • Improved textbox for current customization section larger for longer names.
  • Fixed stalker strain Genestealers when visible were not highlighted when zooming on them.
  • Energy selectors are correctly replicated to clients on lightning claws and power fists.
  • Dead cam visual issue when the player looked at is engaged in close combat.
  • Hybrids' objective markers in chap 7 is at now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed Stealers could spawn after the gaz was released on chapter 7.
  • Fixed a rare bug where you could play two different classes of Terminators mixed together.
  • Improved Rewards of Valour opening is freezing the game for a short time.
  • Fixed Lightning claws sound was not spatialized.
  • Fixed Texture not streaming correctly in customization menu.
  • Fixed Caliban’s spear shots not being accounted for the guest in some rare cases.
  • Fixed purgatory sword keep altering its color after hovering the ultimate rune.
  • Fixed Lightning claws’s Fx are on the ground when in the armoury.
  • You can no longer be blocked behind objective’s doors that need to be locked in chapter 3, you will be teleported inside Pysgate if it happens.
  • Fixed Psygate timer warning can be displayed over the game if the player is killed inside the psygate
  • Fixed Purgatory's sword's ultimate rune's FX not visible in the armory.
  • Narthecium no longer display power fist FX in some cases.
  • Other players' runes become invisible when they are too close to you.
  • Scanning circle for hacking now works correctly in all cases.
  • Fixed Flamethrower that wasn’t able to destroy turrets.
  • All elements on Maegon’s body on chapter 3 are now localized properly.
  • Fixed Solo saves that could be loaded from SM missions.
  • Being kicked from psygate while in option menu no longer keeps cursor visible.
  • Locked state of doors is saved correctly in Campaign Chapter 7.
  • Ordering to attack a stealer in multiplayer no longer plays the "Lock door" audio order.
  • Improved chapter 7's navmesh.
  • Fixed the stats displayed for the Mace of Corswain mace's ultimate rune.
  • All perks affecting weapons stats have now their effect shown in weapon stat preview.
  • Fixed a blocking issue on the self-destruct Special Missions objectives if the host is dead.
  • Force sword no longer makes a strange noise when hitting a purity seal.
  • Fixed some situations in which an Aberrant could be stuck.
  • Fixed dead timers continuing to be displayed indefinitely in some situations.
  • Fixed servo-skulls (those on the maps, not the player’s capacity) not moving at all in some specific situations.
  • Fixed an issue in which player head might be malformed.
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Holy Moly, this last picture looks absolutely stunning! You guys are real artists!

That's a big fix list! Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Might want to add some crow to the dinner plates in the Rogue Cruiser dining hall... some folks will need it. Make sure to include soft cushions for the seats.

... and so answers the question "Have the devs abandoned this game?".... today at work is going to be a long day.....

Thank you for your continued support and long may it continue...once more unto the breach Brothers!

Congrats and many thx for this amazing update dudes! This game is fantastic!
I'd liked so much you add helmet on assault termi too!

Just played the map and it is really amazing ! Good job and many thx guyz ! :)))

When's the PS4 version coming out please???

Also, are all these fixes applied to the PS4 version too? Glad to hear about the "Lock this door" audio has been fixed, when you want to say is "ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, OVER THE TOP LADS, CHARRRRRRGGGEEEE"


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@james_1984 said in Infested Mines Update - DLC tomorrow!:

When's the PS4 version coming out please???


It should arrive next month. We'll keep you updated 🙂

Thank you for the update.

Does it include all the same fixes??


Wonderful, when can we expect another update of this size or larger in the future? being 1.6gigs I think. Will you be expanding the character selection or adding depth to each of the classes?

The update for ps4 Will have pro support? Thk!

Buenas tardes a todos, quisiera hacer una pregunta, va a haber más mapas nuevos, dlcs, armas, soldados, armaduras, enemigos, jefes.....??? Gracias y espero que esté buenísimo juego que ya funciona decentemente en ps4, no se termine en lo que tenemos en estos momentos. Saludos

Good afternoon everyone, I would like to ask a question, will there be more new maps, DLcs, weapons, soldiers, armors, enemies, bosses ..... ??? Thanks and I hope it is great game that works decently in ps4, do not end up in what we have right now. regards

Gracias por la rapidez y sobretodo por contestarme......

Thanks for the speed and above all for answering me ......