Beta is live for the weekend! (Now closed)


Hi everyone,

This week's Closed Beta is now open!

It will close Monday 20th of August. Exat hour to be announced.

If you haven't received a key, don't worry as we send more regularly. Make sure you're registered for the Beta here to receive your key.

What to expect from this week's Beta?

The team continues to work on your feedback from previous Beta sessions. We know that many of you experience issues with the matchmaking system, and we're doing our best to bring more players in the Beta. We've sent 15k new keys at the start of the test session to reduce queuing time as much as possible.

We're still working on improving the servers, and fixing as many technical issues as possible. A lot of issues are tied to having only the EU servers open in the Beta to reduce the queuing time as much as possible. You'll definitely have servers for more regions at release. We currently plan to have servers for EU, NA and Asia/OCE.

Please find below this week's changelog:


  • Added a swinging motion to the evacuation rope.
    • This will make it more difficult to shoot down the player attached to the rope.
  • Improvements to the wolves' behavior:
    • Now wolves will use close range attacks in narrow places.
    • Wolves will no longer leap while indoors.
    • Other fixes and improvements.
  • Added an FOV slider.
  • Added the option to show Ping and FPS counters in game.

Additional fixes

  • Made it possible to interact with objects on the ground while looking through lootboxes or supply drops.
  • Bug fixes for items stacking with other items in the player's hands.
  • Camera rotation limits for Parachute and Vehicles.
  • Fixed damage for F1 and RGO grenades.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to spectate enemy squads.
  • Armor will now reduce damage from wolves
  • Added a notification when entering a zone that will soon become infected with radiation.
    • The notification will include the exact time until the infection begins.
  • Removed collision from wolf corpses.
  • Melee attacks now deal damage to wolves.

Quick reminder that the this Beta isn't covered by a NDA, meaning you can share videos, images and info about the game this week. Keep in mind that it's a work-in-progress version of the game, and players may encounter bugs or crashes, that may lower the quality of the in-game experience.

We’d love your help in identifying these bugs, so that we can make the Early Access release version of Fear The Wolves the best that it can be.

Please join the Fear The Wolves official Discord to synchronize with the team and testers.


Where can I share feedback?

Please report technical issues and general feedback on the Fear The Wolves official Forums. Before submitting feedback on the forums please check if there is an existing thread about the topic, or if it is listed in our known issues log.

When providing feedback please try to be as informative as possible, providing information on where and when the issue occurred.

We look forward to seeing you on the servers!

Fear The Wolves Team

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Error with the car. the car seemed to move down the grass, although there was no inclination.
When the character runs on the water, the sound of water can not be heard. strongly loads the CPU, even when minimized. In the beginning, when a helicopter appears in the air, the textures are not loaded immediately.
My iron: Фкс-8320 3400-3800 GHz. 16 GB of RAM, mother of 970 pro3 2.0.
Video card: CFA gtx1060 high end