Pitch invasion and KO

I just finished a match elves vs gobbos and we had a pitch invasion turn 15 . I was surprised to see that the my fanatic was KO as a result . I never saw any player getting kO on a pitch invasion before , only on rocks . Is it because he has a secret weapon? The loney was still on the pitch tho ( on the floor like most of my team)
The loren florists vs minus master

Thanks for your help

The Fanatic can never be in a prone position... so all 'stuns' = a KO style result at best & him having to leave the pitch.

thanks for the quick reply . I suspected it was a secific rule i ignored. I learned something today

NP, tbh i feel you would benefit greatly from reading the lrb6 at some point.
Let me know if you can't find it & i'll see if i can find you a link.