New Map is Great

Wow, what a surprise ^^

Really cool Map just went in before work. Havent tried on No Mercy yet, which could be very hairy...

Thanks for the new Map. It is really Appreciated!


@roibr Totally, love it!
If there are more to follow and they keep such a quality, we are in for a treat 😃

oh before i forget, praise the Omnissiah for fixing Claw Animation! It holds up to Speed now, atleast when u rock "no Speed Mod" on it and only have Claw Perk!

It feels Good to have my Claws back ^^

@roibr yep, all good, I found the info. Cheers.

I host a server to play with friends, and i don´t see new map.

How you choose new map?

its CUSTOM MAP 9 or 10 ^^