Some ideas for the wolfs and Quicktimeevents

Hello everyone. Iam playing since the first closed beta days and got some ideas for the games:

The wolfs: At the moment the wolfs running straight on the shortest way to the player an attack him. After howling. I thought it would be more interessting if the wolfs would act more in packs. Surrounding the player and attacking him when he isn't focusing or shooting a wolf and when the player does, a wolf could run shortly away, hiding and returns then while another wolfs is attacking. Another cool behavior could be, that a wolf is able to tear down a player and the player need to solve a quicktimevent to win the close combat. Maybe a wolf could drag a player away. To not overpower the wolfs, they could run away after a few of them are killed by the player.

Some players are complaining, that the wolfs are far to strong. In fact they are strong but seriously. The title is named "FEAR the wolfs" and not "Kicking all the time asses of weak anoying wolfes".

Fightingsystem PvP: I already taked about close combat between player and wolf. I would like this between Player and Player aswell. Maybe in combination with a quicktimeevent. A circle appears where a point is rotating towards another point. And the player who hits button in the right moment and is closer to this specific second point, wins the close combat. He snatches the weapon out of the hands of his enemy or keeps his weapon when he is the attacked ones.

In general: You doing well on this game. There are a lot of performans problems right now but you already improved a lot. Great. Fear the wolfs has a lot of potential to become a deeper first person last man standing game then other games. I hope you use this potential.


Simple Report

Thank you very much for the suggestions!