I think they should look in to making a vr version of this game. People seem to be liking the new virtual reality driving simulators such as grand tourismo. Can you imagine driving these trucks in vr? Feeling every bump in the road. And then actually getting out of the truck and attaching the winch manually? I would like to hear your thoughts. And maybe we can get something going

This could be a possibility. Reasons that this is not done, is because the entire camera system would have to be re-worked.

I think it is not only about camera controls, but redoing many core mechanics in general. Especially, if we would like to exit the car and walk in the mud to connect the winch (great idea, btw).

My concerns are regarding PS4 capabilities of running such game in PS VR. PS4 become quite noisy even running MR and SR in standard 2D mode, that potentially says of high hardware resources usage. In VR mode the picture we see must be rendered in real time with no lags twice. The only possible option is downgrading graphics and physics significantly, that will ruin the game experience.

Hope for VR mode on PS5 in next (or optimized current) Spintires title! 😉