Question RE game models and fan renders

Apologies if this is the wrong section, but I didn’t feel my question really fit under any of the forums categories, though support felt the best choice.

I was wondering if it was allowed to make fanart renders using vampyr's game models. I would only share png images of the renders online if I were to make them.

In addition, I would not make any sort of profit off said images, I would make no attempt to redistribute the game models, and I would make it clear that I did not create the models and that they indeed came from vampyr.

I ask because I have seen staff from other games I play praising their fans for renders they have made with their games models, but obviously not every game is the same and thus I would like to know if this is allowed with vampyr. Of course, if it isn't, I won't make any renders. Thank you.

Hey there,

I don't see any issue with this, as long as they aren't being used for profit.