Stuck in sewer after sparing Sean Hampton

Hey everyone, just spared Sean Hampton and went back to the Skal village in the sewers to finish up the investigation to find the man hiding there. When I tried to leave through the shortcut into Sean's base I couldnt get through the thing blocking the passage even by attacking it, and I cant leave the other way by getting up from where I dropped down to fight Fergus. I am trapped down there and was wondering if anyone has found a way to get out?

Hi there,

This is an issue that's been reported before, and that we're still looking into. Can you provide a screenshot of the blockage that's appearing? And what platform are you playing on, please?


The same happened to me. The door is closed which would lead me to Sean's asylum. 1_1538842665783_20181006181545_1.jpg 0_1538842665782_20181006181531_1.jpg

The main quest is a this point:
And I just did the hide and seek side quest and then embraced Rodney. And now I cannot get out from the sewer.

Any help would be appreciated!

Found the answer on steam forums: link

@rlukacs Glad you found a fix for this, thank you for sharing it with us.