Suggestion for vehicles

I don't know how many driveable vehicles are in the game as I've only found 1 from all of my time playing. Found a lot of jeeps that i didn't know i could drive as the driveable and non-driveable vehicles looked the same. I suggest adding something to easily let a player know whether you can drive that vehicle or not, like different colors. One being all rusty and brown with no tires while the other a big less rusty, colorful (like a light blue color) with tires.
Another suggestion is that if there are many other types of vehicles in the game, please make them easy to find.
The vehicles also feel a little boring as there is no collision sound upon hitting something.
Running over a small plant also damages your vehicle too much. Maybe remove the damage from these?

Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll pass them along to the team.

Never had a problem with finding a junk vehicle and thinking it would run. I like the way the current jeeps look. The paint scheme looks great and matches everything else. Please don't get all gimmicky on the vehicles.

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