MudRunner 2 Announcement

I'm definitely not one of the haters, but I'm also finding myself reading this announcement with a mix of excitement and disappointment. I'd be much more excited if the developer team was more active in fixing the existing issues in Mud Runner and listening to the community. Please do so and inspire more confidence. It's for your own good.

new engine, that sound intresting
i hope the fix the physics and optimization of the level loading to a per chunk load mode for bigger maps, and can we get a real sandbox??
also i guess there will be real brands taking the USA dlc as a hint ¿am I right?

i hope atleast people wont steal mods in this one

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new engine, that sound intresting

Where do you see the information that the engine will be new? It is written that "MudRunner 2 brings back the series' renowned physics engine" so it will be the same engine = same game for the 3rd time.
I hope that for owners of both spintires there will be a big discount because this should be an update, just as a mudrunner should be an update to spintires, because spintires had most of what a mudrunner have before it was cut from spintires after timebomb.

@grubdumpling i agree with u hate will just bring down development cycle but hes kinda right, they really havnt done much in this 1 year its just rambling around same promise, well do it well do it well do it... how many times

my heart says "Yes, i want mudrunner 2, Yes i want more of it, i will spend money and support developers"
but mind and wallet says "eh.. it will just be reskinned version of original spintires with small amount of content added in it, why waste money on this"

i really want to have positive attitude towards this franchise but its very hard!! hope they change my mind with mudrunner 2 or american wilds DLC i really want to believe in them, really do

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@SloppySlingers you're right, i do come across as a spintires fanboy. I can't effectively dispute that other than to just say "no ur dum bro".

I also can't dispute that criticism is important for progress. Except for art... and beauty. And pretty much anything that's momentum is carried by a small group of people. Like spintires. We're not talking about GTA5 here, where a little bad press results in lost revenue that can be recovered with a few reskin microtransactions, or perhaps not even noticed. This is spintires, a tiny little program that is someone's love child. Bad press and lost revenue can kill this game. Maybe it hasn't changed much since the first time you paid for it, and maybe you are bored of the game, but the criticism you have for it has been heard. Many times.

Yes you put some work into your posts, and yes it is nice that you use your words. That makes you a bit more of a threat to the success of spintires than the typical "mods, racemode and moar 'sploshions" mentality that's pretty easy to write off. So i'll ask; has this game or it's developers really wronged you that badly? Can you not just walk away and let us enjoy the product as it is and how we hope it may improve? Your motivation is suspicious. Yes you are relatively eloquent, but you're still barking at the mailman here... let the negative stuff go. Just look away if it bothers you.

My motivation is legitimate. I'm not paid to love this game, and i support it and the developers because i want the game to continue. Maybe it will eventually include all the features we want, but helping it succeed is all we can do as fans. Or we can find something else to play. What you are doing isn't helpful. And it's old.

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@zamal why waste money on this? Call it an investment. Probably never going to profit from it, but isn't it risky spending money on a new franchise? Or trying a new restaurant? It's not like we're talking about a pile of cash here... i waste money on crap i know i don't need, and i actually welcome another opportunity to support something that has a good track record for staying the same. So yeah i'll take a couple reskins and new maps to drag out some old tired gameplay because they got it right. And there isn't much else out there like it. In fact nothing.

There's some features i'd like to see, but i'm not going to see those features if the franchise fails. And really, does this game look like a shameless cash grab? It's a dirty russian truck simulator. It is obviously a narrow niche game, and lovingly crafted.

I'll say this hoping i don't ruffle any feathers up top, but have you ever created something that was perfect in your eyes, only to have some loud mouthed internet haters continually try to rip it apart? If i was the creative force behind this game, i don't know if i'd have the strength to keep showing it to the world. I'd probably say "you guys can go to hell, i'm taking my toys home to play by myself".

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Excited but skeptical.

Can you answer these?
2. Will the editor, or new editor ( I can hope!) be 64 bit?

Mudrunner Editor already 64 bit.. so, why not for the new game?

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So we have to buy a new mudrunner every year?

@grubdumpling there is lots of juicy games coming out which im planning to waste my money on tbh

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grubdumpling there is lots of juicy games coming out which im planning to waste my money on tbh

I'm the complete opposite, i try to avoid violence motivated by greed, evil or politics, so i end up mostly with non-violent games. I have to work pretty hard to find a game i want to play.

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So we have GET to buy a new mudrunner every year?


Mudrunner was Spintires with a new engine and new bugs but nothing really new gameplay wise. Not sure if they can justify milking yet another of the same thing.

the issue with that is that i feel like too little has changed in spintires over the years to justify yet another new one.

unless saber or focus prove me wrong this time and put out some REAL overhauled game with some outstanding development work on existing things and/or updating the whole thing to a state which games should be in in 2018/19 then i'll eat my words. but mudrunner has changed almost nothing from the latest version of spintires so far.

i'd rather have them take their example from SCS software with what they're doing with ETS2 (they're slowly bringing their 6 year old game up to date), instead of mudrunner turning into some kind of FIFA/COD/assassin's creed (or since we're talking about focus here, farming simulator) with a slightly changed rehash of the game for full price every year.

on one hand i know that game development, promotion etc. costs lots of money, but at some point selling a game that has so few changes just becomes ridiculous, on the other hand mudrunner isn't really that expensive (and i hope it doesn't get more expensive in version 2) and it's worth its money. there just needs to be some kind of balance with what you get and what you pay for. i know hardcore fans would buy it every year (and i probably will buy it too nonetheless) but if it's "just another version of spintires" every year i'll probably stop buying them at some point...

@grubdumpling lol what ? are u middle aged mom?

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@grubdumpling lol what ? are u middle aged mom?

No, but i do live with one. And a child. What kind of example would i be playing gta? And besides, life is precious. I don't enjoy entertainment that trivializes any life, let alone human life. Don't you wonder about the families of all the murdered humans that were just targets in a shooter?

And finally, there is a war statistic that i may butcher here, but in earlier wars one world power was unhappy with the value it got from the ammunition they had to buy. There was a study done, and it turned out that soldiers practiced with round targets, and then were sent out to kill human shapes. This freaked out the soldiers, and resulted in them "intentionally" screwing up the shots. The result was a change in the shape of the targets they gave out for practice, to human shapes. With that in mind, what do you think shooting at humans in a game prepares people for? I'm not against guns, i like all sorts of tools. But i'm against murder. Or just plain casualized murder for entertainment.

There is a problem with gun violence in western culture.

Take this as some insight into why i like mudrunner so much. No violence.

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Umm okay... I welcomed Mudrunner when it was first announced. Thought maybe they can clean up this mess and give the game the love it deserves. A game to develop. A platform to build upon. And now not even a year in you're already throwing this aside (or so I assume) in favor of working on a sequel? Is this going to be a recurring thing now? Like your Farming Simulator? Or is it actually going to be a new game? (which I doubt considering Mudrunner surely isn't going to receive any more major updates)

I thought you knew what people thought of getting told they need to buy a new game to get the features they were told they'd get in the previous one.

Very disappointed unless I'm somehow proven wrong.

If the new vehicle will have a real rearview mirror, exquisite interior and dashboard. There will be rainy or snowy. Support caterpillar vehicle. Bigger map and more kinds of goods. Then shut up and take my money for mudrunner 2!!!

@grubdumpling those are just games, like movies, like books its form of entertainment take it easy buddy. so what we do sit around looking at flowers and singing lullabies? didnt expect such statement from grown up person

also i didnt mention any guns or wars yes i do play lots of shooters but u jumped on it like i wrote 800 word essay here

its just a video game

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MudRunner 2 ? xD
You please on 1 MudRunner mirror in game, cab the trucks texture...
New game engine and stories in part 2, I'm not sure of this, that only the number 2 on the new stand in word game this