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@grubdumpling those are just games, like movies, like books its form of entertainment take it easy buddy. so what we do sit around looking at flowers and singing lullabies? didnt expect such statement from grown up person

also i didnt mention any guns or wars yes i do play lots of shooters but u jumped on it like i wrote 800 word essay here

its just a video game

I don't agree with you.

But we're a little off topic now, sorry to respond with a full answer when clearly i was expected to make a joke.

But don't worry about the grisly details, they're just christians being torn apart by lions, not real people.

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Someone did say once. "If we don't learn from the past, the history is going to repeat itself. "
Or something like that.

I'm afraid this will be a result of stop developing spintires mudrunner, and start all over with mudrunner 2. And fans probably have to buy full pris for the same thing twice.
But we have to see. Maybe i am wrong or I am wright.


Is pavel still on board with MudRunner2?

@grubdumpling okay whatever dude, everyone can have opinions on everything!! hope u find stuff that suits ur taste ❤

@alpscruiser Yes, Pavel is still working on MudRunner 2.

@iyagovos I remember that before the relase of Mudrunner, someone here posted on the forum that he is wondering whether it will be worth buying Mudrunner, whether the game will be developed, unlike Spintires. Some moderator wrote back that he can wait a few months and see if the game will be developed. As it turned out, it was not. I bought the game just after the release, because I believed that the problems with oovee were over... That is why I will be very skeptical about MR 2 and I will definitely wait a few months after the relase to see if the game is being developed.
Simply, I will not believe in Devs' promises anymore.
This is not about money, it's about common sense. It would be crazy to buy the same thing for the third time.

P.S. I wonder if the possibility of changing wheels will come back in MR2 as a novelty 😛

1.Realistic Interior?
3.TrackIR ?
5.Realistic Gearbox?
6.Realistic Sound?
7.Multiplayer Friends truck sound,light ?
8.It's been a long time,No innovation at all.

  1. sry for my bad english
  2. Hmmm
    I do not know what to say. I'm a little disappointed...
    I love this game and i have 453 hours in game time (steam). True not much but enough. Fans asked for a little things (realistic interior,mirror, weather, bigger maps...)
    Devs' promises too much in MudRunner and we got almost much else could be done with Spintires MudRunner...
    MudRunner 2 is an atomic bomb for us now...
    Now i will buy American Wilds dlc (maybe for 10 eu ?) and
    I will be ready to buy MudRunner 2
    if those things are in it.
    But for now I'm a little disappointed,,,O,O,,,
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I want to read Pavel's opinion.

Anyway, i play this game from 2013 i guess. Huge excitement, best game ever until some stupid conflict and total silence for a few years. Yea, recently Mudrunner came, and i was again a happy bunny. Instant pre purchase. You know, untill now we had three free DLC, one payed is even on way, so i dont understand for SHT, why mudrunner 2 announcement from nowhere.

What i know for sure, it will be absolutely different as i expect. But i am happy for you. Good luck with development.

Good day.

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Completly disrespect for every player from Spintires whaiting for a very long time for Pavel fake promise but never see the end of the game, and i understand the conflict with hes old editor but this is not the fault of people paying for the game. Mudrunner have nothing really new, many files and folder system are exactly the same and a bunch of mid and low texture is directly from Spintires.

All of you are just a bunch of money stealer...Watch out for Spintires Realism HD 3.0 on September, am working hard to give what us whaiting for a very long time. A complete HD texture mod but adding a lot of new stuff to, see star and cloud, am sure this will be better then Mudrunner 2 for the old fans of Spintires, this is a great news.

Pavel you suck hard...

Hi all,

We understand that there are some player concerns about this, and I'd like to allay some.

Firstly, this is a very early announcement. I would expect news about what MudRunner 2 is early next year, but the game itself is even further off than that. I can say that I've just been reading the design documents, and I'm personally blown away. I can't wait to share what we have cooking in MudRunner 2.

Secondly, if you do have criticism, please keep it constructive. Personal attacks on the developers here will not be tolerated.

@grubdumpling I do have to admit you are coming off as a snowflake, I think that is the word. You complain about my criticism of the game but you spend more time responding and whining about the responses of fellow community members. And nobody cares if you try to stay away from violent games, as far as I have seen nobody even asked you about that. This is the point and your the kind of person that takes a forum to a direction to which it is no longer to inform or make progress. Now it is just about your whining and disagreement with everyone's posts. If you dont agree with what people are saying or if it is to difficult for you to handle them stay off the forum or just dont respond. I dont critic other members here because personally what others say doesnt bother me not should it you. I focus on mainly directing my comments towards the development team, since they are the only ones that can keep the game alive. And as far as my comments being able to draw enough attention to hurt the game or disrupt it, I'm skeptical about that. I people vote for my comments but it's because I'm saying stuff that a large majority are thinking only I voice it. And maybe the dev team will see some of my comments and the amount of people that vote for them and see there is quite a few people dissatisfied with the current game let alone another installment. The game hasn't done me wrong in anyway, I paid $30 USD for it the day it released for console. Then also purchased it on steam a few months later on sale so I could have mods. The game was fun for about a week then it was completely done, all missions and challenges. There is a huge lack of content and playability on console which is why so many people are angered that they are going to be releasing another title without finishing the current game. Then amount of people that I've talked to that are going to actually buy the next game I could count on both hands, the amount that said they will not be purchasing it is well in the hundreds and that just people I've talked to and people that have reacted to my posts on the Facebook page.


wow... cool to hear that there are people who working on sp.... i am fully agree with u.... they not even try to get the games done.... let the Community make it better.... what a shame

@iyagovos Obviously you have read through the comments and seen the disappointment that many people have. Not so much at the new game ,just the fact that the current game hasn't been finished nor does it have enough content to make it playable until the next installment comes out. Yes the America Wilds may add around 3 to 4 days of play time realistically. But I think if the dev team could open up mods for the consoles it would satisfy alot of consumers and would help their sales with the next title. If there is a reason or conflict stopping them from bringing mods to console could you inform us of it? Maybe just clarify because the community never really got a answer towards the mods. It went from "We are currently working on ways to implement mods to console" to " Theres currently no plans to bring mods to console". I just think this addition would lengthen the life of the game and bring alot of players back.

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I paid $30 USD for it the day it released for console. Then also purchased it on steam a few months later on sale so I could have mods. The game was fun for about a week then it was completely done, all missions and challenges.

I strongly disagree with that sentiment. The PC version of MudRunner has plenty of mods to keep the game interesting, certainly for much more than a week. For me I'm talking about the custom maps, and some are really good. I have nearly 200 hours of game time on this game, and that's only since May when I bought it.

Having said that, I also wish there were more frequent updates and ongoing development in Mud Runner. That would certainly encourage me to look forward to and buy Mud Runner 2, assuming it'll be a significantly new experience compared to Mud Runner. I'm not interested in just a minor respin of the game.

Haha - I would be really suprised when your MOD is better as a complete new game.

Proof me wrong - i will test it.

btw some screenshot of your „make Mudrunner Great again“ MOD?

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@unster I agree I didn't word my statement correctly. The short length of gameplay pertains to the console version. I know the playability and lifespan of the PC version is way greater due to mods.

@SloppySlingers it's not my place to call anyone out for an inability to read. I get it that my posts are hard work getting all the way to the end, you can ignore me. It might be for the best.

Kinda just want use this forum to discuss and support the game i love. I didn't realize you were so serious about your bile that you'd start calling me names... you win.