MudRunner 2 Announcement

@grubdumpling ich bin Deutscher anyway so thanks i guesd

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@grubdumpling ich bin Deutscher anyway so thanks i guesd

Actually your english was perfect, sorry to offend. What i fixed was to change your disappointment about having to buy the game to excitement over getting to buy the game. It was meant to be cute and harmless but i get that i can sometimes seem rude.

How many people in a lobby and how much will it cost

i for one am happy to hear news of the growing future of the game. however i do feel the timing could have been better (as is announcement is too soon). personally i think they should have waited till next year before announcing this news or very least after American Wilds had been released. most of all i do hope this will not become one of many games that just puts out an updated version of the same game every year calling it a new game (cough cough, farm sim). time will tell and will be waiting to see how it all goes.

Hey people!! stop it already!! why so much hate? the game is only in paper yet. It's a long way until it comes out. There is plenty of time to enhance the current game.
Many of you ask for a lot of additions and nobody has thought that maybe, with the current state of the engine, it's just not possible. Sometimes is better to just start from scratch. We'll see what they have cooking in due time. In the meantime, just keep playing. We have a new DLC comming and who knows what else...

@8up-local I think that the new title is just part of licensing contracts with the vehicle manufacturers. They probably have a contract as to how long or how many games they have to produce with the brands in them. Thus being the reasoning for the new title announcement but I also could be completely wrong, I just feel like that scenario is a strong possiblity though

если не будут реализовані полноценніе зеркала, адекватная физика машин (ощущение веса, тяжести грузовика), гусеничной техники (тракторов, вездеходов) и карт хотя бі 8*8 км (в идеале 100 на 100) - то покупать игру будут наверное тголько разрабі и мажорі

@sloppyslingers i hear what you are saying and agree that is very possible. still though it seems to me they could have and maybe should have waited a bit longer, but i am not the one in charge. lol

@8up-local yeah I agree the timing was kind of bad. If it not going to be released until s ok me time next year then they should of waited until December or January to make the announcement. Because now people are going to want information and details about the game (vehicles, maps, location for setting, mod support, and dynamic weather). But I'm sure none of this information will be available until the beginning of next year

I will wait for the release of the game) good luck to all.

I hope it has these:

-Lights + sounds from other players in multiplayer (and bonus: tire tracks from other players)
-Better automatic transmission

A poorly timed and somewhat pointless announcement.

For the current title, it creates concern for the dedication of the developer to the game. It also takes a bit off the shine off of American Wilds (or whatever it's called now) as it now looks like an afterthought DLC for a game that's being abandoned. Meanwhile, it doesn't at all build "hype" for MR2 because we learned absolutely nothing.

Not really seeing the point in making this announcement now. Better off showing dedication to the current title and the new DLC, then when something can actually be shown off for MR2 announce it then so we are all excited for what we see.

Perception is important...

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@morbid I agree. When I heard about USA DLC, I was happy that finally the development of the game is gaining momentum and now we will be getting regular updates and valuable DLCs. But after this announcement I completely lost my desire to buy this DLC. There is still little hope that along with the USA DLC will come out some larger game update but I doubt it. This is a bizarre situation: the publisher Oovee, who was supposed to be behind the problems with the previous game, has nothing to do with MR, and yet the story repeats itself and the game is also abandoned. Or maybe it was not Oovee that was the source of problems?.....🤔

To be honest, this news is a bit shit.. Mudrunner 2 will become the defacto reason for the failure to further develop Mudrunner (1).

This will be the classic.. "we are focusing development on the new product instead" line which we will be fed by Focus for the next 18-24 months.

We've got to have some explanation for this product! Is the existing Mudrunner engine not capable of delivering on the changes the community are asking for, hence the need for a ground-up rebuild? Or is this product merely an excuse for another full-price sale?

Q. Why can't all of these great new features be added to the existing game?

@joemunz I think (and hope) that it's a problem with the current game engine. Actually, if you have followed this game for long enough, you should know that it's been through a lot and if you do a little of programming, then you should know that after a while, no matter how organized you want to be, your code is going to be messy and eventually you'll hit a dead end.
This is an old engine and I personally think that a build from scratch will do well for it. @Iyagovos said before that he red the project papers of the new game and he was blown away... so let's hope for the best here and don't assume the worse before we actually have more info. Now, I just hope that the devs actually do it and don't just reuse everything and sell again the same game.

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I see the problem here. You started to believe lies, you make up by yourself. Now you missleading facts. Give me here one example, where someone from developers like Pavel confirmed, that they will do working mirrors. Right, nothing was yet confirmed, nothing was stated.

This is a special game, special vision from Pavel and his team. VIdeo game GOD bless them for this piece of most relaxing and mudding offroad experience on market.

So, stop! Stop! Nine year old crybabies, booo-hooo-hooo. I hate you, all of you. (Maybe you know this reference from someone:-)

Good day!

I am personally syked for mudrunner 2, i played mudrunner 1 quite heavily without mods. I will buy mudrunner 2 day 1, but i'm not expecting it tell end of 2019, plenty of time to not only make mudrunner 2, but also time to add more content to mudrunner 1.

@lorindes said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

Give me here one example, where someone from developers like Pavel confirmed, that they will do working mirrors.

Here you go:
@iyagovos said in Spintires: MudRunner - Second Update:

In upcoming patches, we plan to include Workshop support for maps, working mirrors in cockpit view, and additional wheel support.

The main reason for another game it might be the separation from Oovee (lack of spintires word) . The engine will most likely be the same because Pavel is an expert in havok. As for the rest ..time will tell, is hard to belive that they will make an completely different game so soon (actual game is from 2011) . The good news is that Focus is doing something with this game and maybe Mudrunner 2 will be a full game with new features and updates.