MudRunner 2 Announcement

... so this week should come the monthly community update... I'm curious of what to expect. Finally something official about american wilds? What do you guys think?

@deathcoreboy1 I can guarantee something about American Wilds in the community update

the Haters gonna hate and the likers gonna like..same old story...they say that the game isnt what they want it to be..but it is what its supposed to be..a driving sim..what else do they want ???? next they will want guns and ammo..perhaps enemies to kill or something???LOL


Good point Sir! Now, i feel like idiot. My apologies.

Have a nice day!

@iyagovos when will the monthly community update come out?

@sloppyslingers It's currently planned for the 31st of August 🙂

@iyagovos thank you for the update and timely response

@bigboyzback dude ur 60 years old have some sense xD, nobody asking for guns and enemies read what people ask for then u might just understand

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will this be a dlc or a stand alone game? i prefer it to be a dlc. a paid one ofc.

@araxp It's been answered before... you will be able to choose both standalone or DLC.

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Why continually put effort into a game that could run on a modified toaster oven when the community is asking/begging for something with more brainpower ?

Quit cash grabbing and give us something real.

@crunky-trunks only going to say that to start making a new game they need to make some money to start with. they got some money from MR now, so only makes sense they are starting a new version for the future to hopefully give the community more of what it wants and has been asking for. if they did not make some money to start with then would you want to foot the bill for it all then?

cash grabbing? i have yet to see a company or person not want to make some kind of return on a product they have spent time and money on. that is the whole goal for ANY company, to make money. to date, if you want to start from the beginning, focus has made some money from mudrunner. mostly from consoles i figure since those on PC most likely had bought the original. then for focus to be cool enough to offer a discount for owners of the original spintires. now the next "money grab" will be this paid DLC called American Wilds. with possible paid DLC's in the future and MR2 atleast a couple years off. they really are grabbing up all the money now aren't they?

Not spending any more money on this title.
What next. MudRunner 3, 4
Very disappointed with you Focus.

how can you the DLC might be free they are giving us ford and chevy man how can you be mad


I hope this time Pavel will not cut out highest graphics effects from the previous game (MR) and will not take the certificated mods from the steam workshop to later move them to the new game (MR2) and claim that he improved the graphics and added new vehicles. Just like he did with OldTires.. I have an old Spintires .exe file from before the timebombs and all graphic effects that were cut out in version 03.03.16 works with it.

The second thing is, since the vehicles from the USA dlc are also likely to appear in the MR2, what is the point to pay for them now and have them in an abandoned game???

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@knight25 said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

The second thing is, since the vehicles from the USA dlc are also likely to appear in the MR2, what is the point to pay for them now and have them in an abandoned game???

To have them now and not in a year?

@Lombra Are you saying having the mistake of thinking that Ford and Chevy will be in the game and paying 10$ for the DLC and not having those american trucks or paying for the DLC and then MR2 comes out then having those trucks in the game and then already paid for the USA DLC and then having to pay for the MR2 game. My personnel opinion is the yshould not make a mudrunner 2 because we would have a lot of high goals for the MR2 and not meeting them and the whole community spends 50$ on the game and being upset about the game having the whole community crash.

Community will not exist, if there is no game. Current game is at, at least near to, the point, where improving is not efficient and still, so many things are demanded. Yes, MR2 will have to meet many quite high expectations, certain level of disapointment is likely, but that is path of development...
If you are into US vehicles, I presume you will buy DLC, if you are not you want to show support to DEVs, you will buy it too.
Also, there are reasons to not buying this DLC, nor MR2.
Nobody force you to buy anything.
Take it as an offer for you...