1st,I'm japanese,sry for google trancelate english txt.

I am satisfied with the overall.
I could feel the Zone and enjoyed it.
but,the end of the game, especially in the escape phase, I feel a play feel like PUBG instead of FearTheWolves.
All survivors hide in the red fog around the helicopter and aim to kill others rather than aim for escape.
The end of the game makes this game feel PUBG rather than FearTheWolves.
At least I would like to play FearTheWolves instead of PUBG so I would like to make some suggestions for the final stage.

  • pls increase the wolves to the end of the game.This makes me more Fear The Wolves and I think that wolves bring a new dramatic aspect to the end.

  • no more safe area,if we must go escape.By restricting the time to escape, the tension and confusion of the final stage will increase. As I mentioned earlier, survivors aim on killing others than escaping.Please dip the map with red in RAD.

  • Please make a game called FearTheWolves .Dont try make PUBG's follow game.
    With numerous anomalies and wolves, give players a variety of accidents and tell us
    the fun of surviving on the Zone. If you just want a fair battle with a simple gun bargaining, everyone, including me, should play PUBG. I want to play FearTheWolves not PUBG.

thanks for reading.i hope my suggestion make this game better!