Hello everyone, from what i've experienced and seen so far, this game is going straight to recycle bin for most people after its release + it won't make alot of sales ( i am talking about millions, not "good enough" for the team ).

What i see in game development these days is that many developers seem to be hard working and stuff, they believe in their games that it will be successful but most of the times it's not, just because they ignore the main elements that makes the game great and gives the feel of high quality / AAA ( even PUBG, i bought it because i thought its gonna be awesome game after final release, but it's not also im surprised how they even managed to get so big playerbase, maybe it was just spot on refresh after h1z1 + first polished battle royale game since h1z1 was just a clunky and low quality pile of trash compared ).

Fear the Wolves are directly competing with PUBG/Fortnite, the concept is great and really promising so it has potential to even out and get in the TOP 3 BR games.
I see FTW as probably most realistic BR game.

I am not sure about the Roadmap and what's still WIP but since it's Beta i suppose the game is in its final stages.

So here's the elements that needs to be polished ( i will skip the gameplay/bug part, since there's already alot of suggestions and you know what to do ):

- Sound Design:
Give it a good soundstage to immerse players a bit more + it will give more accurate positional audio gun sounds etc could be polished and sound like in Arma 3 / DayZ SA, that will bit surprise for a lot of players. ( The main menu in FTW has pretty good sounding effects and music ).
PUBG has terribly failed on this. ( That's what i hear in PUBG: https://youtu.be/lLMjL-_W-Ug?t=48s 😃 )
Real life recordings is best for the ingame sounds.

- Graphics/Atmosphere:
I hope current graphics is just placeholder. Currently the graphics are extremely low-end, i am not using UE4 that much, but i bet i could do alot better in my first try + would take less than a week ( for small portion of the map ofcourse ).
Level design seems great. ( i would suggest to aim for similar look: https://youtu.be/UzAPQqKiZQU?t=5m19s ), ofcourse in UE4 it would be hard to achieve this rough natural feel, but even slightly more cartoony like in CoD WW2 would work.
Also never over-do the postfx, keep it natural and clean.

- Weapon/Player Animations/Locomotion:
Simply don't cheap out on these, its really important ( especially if there will be 3rd person ).
With a bit of extra effort it could make the game look and feel like AAA.

- UI
Currently it looks like PUBG 1:1 copy, be aware that BlueHole likes to sue everyone 😃

P.S. Don't delete this post too, thanks 😃