I got a few copies of the game to give out to friends and play with them. We really enjoyed the game but there is one massive bug that has turning me upside down while I was driving with my friend he was the driver and he was fine where as I (in the passenger seat) slowly turned upside down.


Does driving in the zone not count as moving or do you have to "specifically sprint". If you need to sprint then it a good idea to allow the use of cars. Because I spent the WHOLE round trying to get out of the zone and as soon as I got out it, it drops on me again. So I spent more time running that looting or killing.

Guns. Oh god, I have played since the servers opened and the only guns a have ever found was uzi, pistols and a vss (my friend found it once) so I did not get to use other guns because of drop rates, so I can't judge or call out any bugs. But I think you should up the gun rates a little bit.