Feedback + suggestions

Hello, first of all thanks for the Closed Beta invite. I played about 4 hours and I will stick here my impressions plus some suggestions

Jump from helicopter: We should be able to move far away from the heli while droping and before open the parachute. In the actual state of the game our character moves pretty slow so IMO you are always landing in the same places, always face some other player right before landing, always when you you are searching for more loot in other places they are already looted.

Infection zone: It always directs you to the center to the map. I know it is a beta and maybe was just set to work like that in the beta but it would be interesting to direct you to other places of the map, like to the very top or to the very bottom of the map

The Wolves: GREAT addition. Such NPCs was an extra challenge and also help you to locate other players who are fighting these wolves. Such NPCs could bother, you know, some dudes that willing to camp. Also the Devs could add more NPCs like more dangerous fauna (flora as well?) and those previously affected by the radiation (yes, mutants)

Radiation: Too fast. As again I don't know if it was just set for beta testing to be that fast to cover all map with radiation. But it is pretty fast and do not allow you to discover new places in the map

More tasks? : It could be interesting to add more tasks beyond to the finding the helicopter. Maybe rescue someone or something

Thanks to the devs for reading and hope to see this game coming out in soon!

Hey there,

Thank you very much for your feedback here, we hugely appreciate it.