Have they announced a possible early-access price on this game?

With so many other BR games out there, and so many STALKER clones - I know that they are going to have to be pretty competitive with the price on release here... or else it could very well be dead in the water. With AAA titles ranging at 30-50 now, and most EA's ranging around $15-20, I'm trying to "guesstimate" where they'd lie in there.

Perhaps the 19.99 or 24.99 mark? With the current amount of content, I could see the latter being an issue. But, people would pay it - I'm sure. lol


We've announced the price of the Early Access and it will be $19.99 or your regional equivalent. Have a nice day!

Not bad. Thank you for the quick reply!

Looking forward to release!

up to 5 euro would be ok for this game. more is robbery. it runs like shit