hi i'm korean warhammer 40K broadcaster A.K.A Robinology this game have observer mod or replay mod?

I agree that a fleshed out system is best.

But I endured the late 90's and most of the 2000's with some pretty bare bones Replay systems. Like I'm pretty sure the Dawn of war/Company of Heroes replay systems didn't have anything but Fast Forward and pause. and I still used the hell out of them.

As it stands this product doesn't even have the features from 2 decades ago. That's pretty telling. Sure, the depth required has changed, but it's still usually considered a 'ship with' feature.

We really do need a replay system at the bare minimum. The fact that there are no current plans to implement one is pretty shocking given how pretty much every decent RTS over the last 10+ years has this feature. Why make a beautiful game if you're not going to let people show it off? Even Dawn of War 3 had a replay mode and that game shipped with the barest of bare bones.

Please make this a top priority!

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@iyagovos Here to say that observer mode is super important to getting better quality streams and online video content. The online creators are the lifeblood of multiplayer community, with ability to host tournaments and give live commentary. Getting an indication that multiplayer utility features like observer mode, battle replays, and end of battle summary statistics like the Total War series would give a lot more faith in the longevity of the multiplayer scene with this game. Overall great work enjoying the game, currently the funnest warhammer 40k multiplayer game on the market!

The only way they’ll take notice is if we keep repeatedly asking for these features.

-hosting games with friends(more commonly know as a game lobby)