Lower TV range for Matchmaking

So I'm playing a Chorf team with only 2 games under its belt and its sitting at 1070 TV. Now for their third game i spin into 1560 Chaos. I understand that there is a limited player pool and everything, but who would ever think that I had any chance of winning baring extreme luck. Needless to say that luck did not happen but winning or losing is not relevant for the discussion. A 500k TV difference is just insurmountable especially with near rookie teams. I suggest that the TV range is reduced, to a level where starting teams can have a prayer of competing. Thanks for reading my rant.

500TV difference is not insurmountable: the lower TV team has a 40% win% in such cases where they don't concede.

That said, I absolutely agree that fresh teams should be afforded some protection and have regularly asked for this to happen. The idea would be that a new team has a max difference of 300TV, increasing by 20TV per game up to 500TV. The fact that the majority of teams are at lower TV anyway suggests this would cause fewer issues with finding games.

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