Redex's Mods

Just thought I'd show off my current work in progress, a 2008 Nissan GU Patrol that has been chopped into a dual cab ute. I have made it almost all from scratch, (I got the chassis and diffs of the internet) the wheels are off another truck in the game, however, I plan to make my own. If anyone has any tips on texturing that would be much appreciated because all of my modelling experience hasn't involved much proper texturing. Thanks

6_1535022477907_20180823205133_1.jpg 5_1535022477907_20180823204905_1.jpg 4_1535022477907_20180823204849_1.jpg 3_1535022477907_20180823204601_1.jpg 2_1535022477907_20180823204543_1.jpg 1_1535022477906_20180823204428_1.jpg 0_1535022477906_20180823204419_1.jpg

looks good man, about texturing it depends allot of the 3d modeling software you use,im a full one blender user, adn i bake textures in blender render and in cycles for my mods both give really good results in game with a good specular map and if needed a normal map, looking forward to seeing more updates of your work