August Community Update - American Wilds!


Hello everyone, and welcome to August's community update!

This month has been a busy one for us, with Gamescom 2018 and some very interesting announcements for MudRunner in the future! We're very excited to have announced MudRunner 2, and you should expect more news about MudRunner 2 at What's Next in February, our yearly event.

Now, on to what you've been waiting for - MudRunner - American Wilds!


We're very excited to be able to unveil more officially American Wilds, which introduces seven iconic American vehicles, from brands such as Ford, Hummer and Chevrolet! This will take the total of vehicles in MudRunner - American Wilds Edition up to over thirty, with the total game having 60 add-ons, ten sandbox maps and eleven challenge maps at launch too!

In American Wilds, you'll be exploring new terrain in the United States in two maps, Grizzly Creek and Mount Logmore, inspired by the rough environments found in Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota. You'll overcome muddy terrain, raging rivers and other obstacles with up to four players in multiplayer.


As with any other DLCs to MudRunner, we'll be doing vehicle presentations, map profiles and showing the addons that you can expect to be included with the vehicles. We look forwards to sharing these with you in the lead up to American Wilds!

MudRunner - American Wilds releases in Fall 2018, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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I’m excited to see more dlc for this game and excited mudrunner 2 will be coming in the future.

just more of the same, nothing new,

So, as I thought, all the cash went to buy a licenses? And what about the great improvements of the game mechanic or even the implementation of what has long been done by the modders?
I really do not want to complain all the time, but when I see how the Devs of other games are talking to players, listen to them and asking them what they would like to see in games....

Can't you just make video showing with details all the vehicles, maps and other improvements (if any) in action instead of those ridiculously presentations every week?

omg... it could be the juli update... i hear not only one new word... what a shame

Hi I live in the UK could you tell me what fall is in America is that autumn

Sounds great. Hearing Ford will be in the game is exiting. Thanks for the official info and I’m looking forward to more details. My only question is are the devs still focusing on better multiplayer synchronization? Mud, engine sounds, lights etc

Thanks again

I can't wait for this to come out

@knight25 I do agree on the video of gameplay with the new dlc over the presentations. A gameplay trailer would be more informative that reading a page of useless information every week. Atleast with a trailer we could see the map and how the vehicles look along with their handling in game. And they could even showcase new addons if any in the trailer. I'm not sure why they dont do this with most addons, almost all game Developers do this to show their work off and to promote sales. I think a video would do better than the weekly presentation all together

Unless the transmission issue is fixed and these new vehicles come with nicer interiors, I really can't say I'm excited about this DLC. We want improved game mechanics, not just more content. There are plenty of mods available to provide extra content, and some have much nicer interiors than the stock vehicles.

lol as expected unfortunately, nothing new and u charging me for some trucks that are in workshop for free?

Also the text reads up to three other players. Has the amount of online players been reduced to 3 from 4 or is this a typo?

@stirmygnat Three other players + yourself = ??? 😛

@lombra said in August Community Update - American Wilds!:

@stirmygnat Three other players + yourself = ??? 😛

The official post does not say "three other players", it just says three players. The question is valid, is multi now limited to three?

I misspoke. The post says up to 3 players. Not up to 3 other players

disappointing update
the same informations and pictures since 4 weeks

where are the news?
where are new pics?
where are some trailers?

the possibilities are endless to show us content without reveal everything - you just do it not right.
sorry but i´m very disappointed

very nice news congratulations

very disappointed

I think this month's update got leaked early... this is news if you don't count it being posted by a rando a few weeks back.

Also, i had hoped to see a red "make america great again" hat on the driver.

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