August Community Update - American Wilds!


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See also: Sanctimonious Bum Cake

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i just ran across this post, anyways i went back and read all the reply's from the start of the post..,. Wow! it is mind bending when you read it thru all at once.. i'll reserve any other comment other than, Wow!

Hi all,

Apologies for only getting to this now.

I've updated the post to clarify that it is "up to three other players", there is of course still four-player multiplayer in MudRunner - American Wilds.

@thedeestroyer, you're totally correct. I'll update the post to add this, too. Thank you for letting me know about the misunderstanding.

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Can anybody tell me how much is the new DLC well be Xbox One wot coming out in October 23

@martin-ward-444 Hi there,

The DLC will cost $9.99, or your regional equivalent.

@iyagovos hi, when i purge my PC of ALL ST/MR files (Muddrunner, Spintires, MR Editor, Spintires Editor). upon reinstall and first play, there is always info carried over. i even went as far as to wipe the appdata files. it 'Seems' that there is still some residual info getting thru. i also wiped the MR mod, that does retain quite a bit of info.
_ to the best of your knowledge, does the Steam system totally remove 'ALL' of my game info? Because i even wiped/reinstalled the Steam (browser?) program.
_any insight, is greatly appreciated, _Rufus

@Iyagovos Is this price only for XBOX One or for all platforms?

@rufus said in August Community Update - American Wilds!:

there is always info carried over

Do you mean the settings and progress in the game? By default, they are synchronized with Steam Cloud. You can turn it off in Steam by right-clicking on the name of the game and unchecking the Cloud synch option.

@semirk11 All platforms, to my knowledge.

Why no Dodge power wagon? I'd be interested if there was a Dodge I just think the scout vehicles were a poor choice in this dlc it cant be a American dlc without Dodge screw the Blazer put a 60s power wagon it would have been a better choice hell I was expecting a deuce and half Dodge in this atleast.