If anyone is playing BB2 on an old laptop or PC and is struggling to run it, even on the lowest settings, then this may help. The following is for Steam.

Go into Library and right click on game.

Click Properties.

Click on Set Launch Options

Type the following minus the quotations "-force-d3d12"

Click OK.

The first time you do something like this, Steam will warn you about changing launch parameters or similar. Ignore/accept.

Remove "-force-d3d12" from Set Launch Options if problems/no improvement.

My laptop is AMD e350 with integrated 6310 graphics. Legacy drivers etc.

However forcing the game to use DirectX 12 [windows 10 only I believe] has made a huge difference. Enabling grass/spectators, keeping to a reasonable resolution; and of course v.low settings, means the game runs well and is okay to look at, albeit not as lovely looking as it could be.

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