Mordheim crashes to desktop during start up

I've been playing the game for weeks consistently without any errors or crashes.
Today, suddenly, the game keeps exiting to desktop as though the game wasn't started at all.
This happens during the very first screen you get to see (with the Rat Ogre, Sister and Mercenary in the foreground lit with ominous green light).

I've verified the files (they were OK), I re-installed the game via Steam, I'm playing on a desktop computer and my GPU driver hasn't been upgraded in weeks.

What's going on? And more importantly, how can I fix this technical error?

Less of a priority now as, after all the above, a reboot of the computer makes it so I can play again.
Still strange to have Mordheim crash to the desktop without generating a crash report of some kind.

Rogue Factor Team

Hello! I would suggest submitting it to Focus' support team, here:

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