I absolutely loved VAMPYR from the moment I first heard about it and pre-ordered it as soon as I possibly could.

As a fan of Vampire themed games and esoteric gameplay system that perhaps not everyone would be a fan of, I appreciate your efforts to create a game where my choices are supposed to mean something.

Your design choice of a tyrannical Save System that doesn't allow me to decide when and where to save my game however hurts my enjoyment of your game so much so that today after my second attempt to re-start a playthrough I decided to uninstall your game and will not be re-installing it unless manual saves are a choice.

Here's what happened to frustrate me so: I'm one of those players who loves exploring, dialogue options and gameplay options as well as places I shouldn't be at with my current charactee level. I love seeing all the dialog options and how they unfold and could sit for hours to choose the way my character will conduct itself... In the Mass Effect trilogy as well as in Mass Effect Andromeda, I always chose to be a Paragon/Good and even in further replays I simply choose to play the same choices even if my class/abilities choices would differ.

So, here I am with VAMPYR and loving the whole idea of being able to choose easier combat but a more shallow knowledge and less interactions with NPC's or more difficult combat but more meaningful plot filled with secrets I invested my time in digging up about everyone around me.

My whole intention was to play the game without killing any NPC that wasn't an actual combatant.

To my astonishment, I apparently said the "wrong" thing to a character which locked up a hint. Reloading the save-game didn't help and since I wasn't too far into the playthrough I decided to re-start from scratch and things went better on the second playthrough.

Then, I made a "mistake" and went to "sleep" without actually spending my points so my level didn't increase and I basically"lost" a day in the game's timeline... Again, I decided to re-start from scratch and this time I was more careful with my dialog choices and spending points.

Everything was great... until I decided to explore places with characters that were 10 levels above me... just to see how brutal combat could be and feel the thrill of defeating something I wasn't supposed to be able to.

I got to a couple of guards on a bridge and managed to kill them and crossed the bridge but was then chased by some other guard who spotted me skulking around. I ran into an alley and the guard ran in after me... but then he got attacked by a group of three skals and the game announced that the guy who chased me was a Citizen and I now had a new Investigation to make sure he survives!

He didn't survive... and to my horror, I discovered that now this new Investigation is a permanent part of my Save File and since I could not beat the three enemies in time to save the guy, my save-game was yet-again ruined.

I'm sorry to say that in my opinion and to my experience, your choice of Save System antagonized me to such a degree that I uninstalled the game entirely.

To be honest, I feel so disappointed with your design choice that had I known beforehand that the game would use such a save-game system I would not have bought it at all!

Do with my experience and impressions what you will and thanks for making a game like VAMPYR which I appreciate despite not being able to play it anymore.