animation in 3ds max

hi guys
I want to give some animation to my models in the game. if you drive over a bridge that bends the planks. But how do I do that in 3ds max. Does anyone have a simple stream or do you want to make a stream like that ... Every help is very appreciated.


Are you trying to animate trucks or map models?

@Yoepie ok first do you know how to work the xmls?? like <Body/> and constrainst?

you need to learn those but other than that just make your bridge model and add bones and skin them to diferent bones then create the _cdt meshes (boneBridgeMiddle_cdt,BoneBridgeEnd_cdt) the names dont matter as long you remember them the whole moving animation of the bridge is done via xml check the wood bridge xml on classes/models for reference and then you can start parenting/linking the meshes depending of how complex is your model but start with a 2 body bridge and go from that adding more _cdt and more <Body/> tags to it i recomend you install the Notepad++ pluggins from the editor to and read the guide that comes with the editor too to learn how to use it

ok once you have your model and _cdt meshes you want to link them as parent the main_cdt and link under that one the end of the brdge _cdt and to that end _cdt the mdoel of the bridge and bones

-----Bridge mode meshes

then comes the coding part once you exported the meshes.x to the editor folders
from that you can use the bridgeDirt as reference since its the most basic one
i wish i could help you more but im having allot of internet downtimes lately

I gone check it out.
I have no idea how I work it out, i gone check the dirt bridge.
thanks for your explanation.