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Does co-op have a difficulty setting? I have watched several co-op videos and while it looks like a lot of fun, some of the sessions appear as though the AI are not very aware of the player's presence at times (for lack of a better term). I'm wondering if this could be due to a difficulty setting or if that is even an option.

I'm one of those fans waiting for release on PS4 hopefully early next year but in the meantime I've been trying to learn more about the game. I have tried looking for videos showing the menu options for this mode, discussions in detail about it , etc. but to no avail. Any insight / experience folks could share would be appreciated.

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Hi, played the alpha on coop for like one or two match. Here's my observations, hope it answers you a bit.
The bots not being very aware sometimes is just some much needed love on AI coding. The devs should fix it to some extent before launch. I'm expecting the same level of AI awareness as the original insurgency coop for minimum. Sometimes, they are insanely aware and accurate too, so I don't get all that serious in coop matches. It's a fun game mode for having a fun time.

Difficulty settings haven't been implemented yet. There is only a base difficulty while they're testing. I expect the devs will allow in game difficulty changes through player votes like they did before. You'll be able to vote on the AI difficulty and head counts, maybe other options too.
You're not gonna get much information on the final version of sandstorm coop, it's all pretty basic for now. You could check up info on coop matches from the original insurgency and day of infamy. The match I played had the same feel and it should represent what the devs will make for sandstorm.

Oh, I forgot. Go check Alex last stream on sandstorm. He's playing single payer with bots. That should also give you an idea.

Yeah, thanks, that helps. I'm on PS4 so I never got the chance to play Insurgency (Source). ....but as you alluded, it's good to know how that played as it should be an indicator as to how Sandstorm will be designed.

I saw the last stream but I don't recall seeing anything that would point to a difficulty setting. As you said, it wasn't in the Alpha so perhaps it's not in the Beta either. I do remember Alex mentioning a difficulty setting very briefly responding to a fan's somewhat related question. ....I just don't feel like combing through hours of footage to get my answer. 😉

Anyhow, thanks for sharing your own personal insight. I've seen a lot of coop footage from the Beta but no hint as to what difficulty setting they are playing on or if it is even a adjustable at this stage.

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It's WAY too easy atm. Needs a difficulty setting!

I asked Alex earlier today on the live stream. The answer wasn't exactly clear although it doesn't sound like it's an option except perhaps in a custom server(?).

When the Q&A video is posted to YT I will be able to listen to his response again. It was toward the beginning of the stream.