Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The Hummer H1!

Yeah @fabio-brasil , i'd happily drive the little red one.

That stuffed John Deere is dope as hell. I want one πŸ˜‚


u know that we have them already as mods? they are really good and usefull

@knight25 said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The Hummer H1!:

@grubdumpling alt text
Such or something with a bigger crane would be nice

I have two points on this:

  1. Why everything from US has to have US flag on it and signs like "american" in here or "proudly made in the USA" on that device we've just received at my work (with flag as a background, of course)...
  2. Jeez, how many timezones are there inbetween front and rear axles? Considering current map size, there could be issue with just turning around with this monster πŸ™‚ And I thought that E-class are huge behemoths...

Well despite having a lot of power you won't bring that deep into the wood on an exploitation to recover something,it will be stuck too quickly but instead forewarder bull excavator or things like that will pull you out not this.

How do you unlock it it won’t unlock for me

@zachroden Have you purchased American Wilds?