Hi everyone,

Fear The Wolves released a few hours ago in Early Access on Steam and many of you are already battling to be the last survivor in the ruin of Chernobyl!

We wanted first to thank all of you who showed your support today - we're committed to make Fear The Wolves the best game it can be with good communication and long term support!

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As we're working on your feedback and reports to deliver a first update very quickly, current goal is to have a first patch ready before the end of the week, we'd like to give you an update on several points that have seen a lot of questions.

Aside from fixes and adjustments based on your recent feedback, we have other improvements and a lot of additional features planned, as presented in our roadmap earlier today.

Client Optimization

We've received some feedback about the optimization of the game and it's absolutely something the team is still working on, although a lot of progress have been made since the Beta thanks for the feedback gathered in this testing phase. We plan to continue working on optimization, especially the rendering for all graphics cards.

Autosettings will be added as well, which should help a lot of players have better performance by selecting adjusted default settings.

Lag that you may encounter right now is mostly from the client side, especially during the helicopter phase at the beginning. It's related to the way certain zones are streamed. The team is focused on that to offer a smooth experience to everyone.

Disconnection issues

Some of you have reported issues with reloading or not being able to pick up items. It only happens when you've been disconnected from the server. We have worked on new server side tools that will greatly help us to monitor these disconnections. We are monitoring theses issue and its symptoms with great attention.


As presented in our Early Access Launch announcement, we have a lot of languages coming very soon to the game. We have currently 14 languages planned, including French, German, Spanish, Russian or Chinese.


We've read some reports about the balancing of the game. That's an on-going process that will spread over the Early Access period. We'll be tuning the damage of the weapons, the amno and everything we feel would need adjustments. Your feedback are more than welcome in this area.

For example, some of you complained about the lack of ammo or efficiency of weapons. We'll check your reports and change this if many of you feel that it's not as good as it could be.

Ping issues for Chinese and Australian players

We're closely monitoring the servers in Asia to improve the ping as much as possible. If you experience high latency in Asia, make sure to check that you're in the proper region. We know that some players are using VPNs, and it might mislead the region detection from the game.

We're also taking a close look at the server data we receive from the OCE region. We'll update you this week about this specific issue as we need more info from our server provider.

See you soon for a new update about all these points and more.

Good luck in Chernobyl!
The Fear The Wolves Team

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