Scoring in Co-Op is bad for teamplay

The Objective Scoring in PVE forces players to be selfish and greedy. It's worth so much to just rush an objective and get the capture or blow up the cache by yourself. And since you have to arm the cache to get in on the points, your teammates don't care and just blow you up. This does not reward coordinated, tactical teamplay. It rewards greediness and rushing.

My proposal:
Capture objectives reward everyone who was 'near' the objective, not necessarily in the building. You can display this with a similar display for capturing ("Objective In Proximity") Everyone alive should have the objective count incremented on their scorecard.

Demolition objectives should reward everyone 'near' the objective. Everyone still alive should have the objective count incremented on their scorecard.

Please consider reworking the scorecard. It wasn't good in the original Insurgency, and it's not good in Sandstorm.

I agree, thanks for bringing this up. It was always a let down in the first 2 games and I also started to rush those objectives. But in the end it was never fun.
What was truly a blast in PvE was facing insane amounts of bots on the hardest difficulty, forcing you to stay with your teamates and find tactics and exploits to capture objectives together and progress. That was so much fun.

Yep, you are right.
Destroying the cache is the work of demolition person, everyone else should get credits for protecting him, not doing his job.
Being demolition now is mostly shooing others away from the cache and let you blow it up fast.

I always tell my team when I'm about to blow the cache, and if they don't listen the first or second time, then they might by the third or fourth time.

Either the team wins or the team loses.. not individuals. I can't wait for private dedicated servers and mods.