Let me begin by saying I bought the game and I see a lot of potential here. Today I spent a lot of time lurking in streams and I have been following the game off and on since E3 with some interest. I have made some observations for what I have seen in my opinion as areas for improvement in how the launch and pre launch deployment have been handled that could have been better and could be done better in the future to help this game get some legs under it.

  • No streamer support, several streams showed up this morning with "key provided by focus home" in the title, but they were very small streamers, with no meaningful following, one even admitted they had not even heard of the game until launch day.

  • No Reddit support, the sub-reddit has just over 250 subs as of this post, there are no noticeable interactions with this community from the devs or publishers, especially going in to launch day, with multiple content creators making videos about the game, I would have expected some kind of outreach from the devs or publisher on Reddit, it costs nothing and it would have been one easy way to get a voice out to the community.

  • When the launch started to stall and the steam reviews started piling up with negative feedback, the two guys from Focus Home jumped on a stream and played the game and talked with the community. My hats off to them, they went into a hostile situation with a pretty hostile chat and did their best, answered questions and tried to have a good time with everyone. Something happened and these guys showed up with a handful of keys and raffled them off, but did it one at a time without announcing the winners in chat. First, this gave some the impression that no actual keys were going out, second, the chat group was about a hundred people, these are people who showed up day 1 to play or at least watch the game, because they were interested in the product. I'm not saying they should have given everyone in the stream a key, but look, the max concurrent players today was something like 388, they could have dropped even 20 or 30 keys and made a difference, but even flooding out a hundred keys may have generated some hype and interest, improved the match queues and slowed the tide of refund requests when people couldn't get into a game.

  • No follow up with major content creators who have produced videos regarding the games beta. You had Dr DisRespect himself stream the game, he said he liked it and would be willing to play more if the de-sync issues were fixed, for the most part these issues were fixed by the devs, yet no one reached out and got "the face of twitch" back on board for launch day? Look at the smaller streamers and you tubers, this was likely MOST of the PR the company got, besides the E3 coverage, yet no one contacted these guys who were hyping the game or at least playing it and talking about it to organize a presence for launch day?

  • No presence on steam, the main outlet to buy the game and I couldn't find it without a name search of the game. I don't know what the main storefront screen costs or takes to negotiate, but at least a presence on the store front on day 1 would have helped, immensely.

Some of this stuff may not have been feasible due to whatever the games financial runway was, but a hundred keys and two or three people busy all day on Twitter, Twitch, Facebook and Youtube could have made a very meaningful difference on day one, for little to no cost, especially considering the risks in development of the product. This is a good game, at a fair price, but if the internet trolls control the narrative and you do nothing to let people know it even exists or that there is a great game here then no one will play it and see what it does right and what it could be given some time.

  • Good luck to everyone at Focus Home Interactive and Vostok Games with steering the ship over the next few days, weeks and months. Fear the Wolves is a good game, I hope more people get a chance to see that.