Where is the NA server located?

It's strange that I get about the same 100ms PING value for both NA and EU. Usually for server in NA I'm well below 50ms depending on location so I'm curious where it is located and if it is permanent or if you can find a better host.

As I write this, NA is empty with 4 players, I must always select EU for a chance to play.

So they want us to fully participate, test and report right here in this forum preferred over Steam, they invite some more from alpha/beta to help in getting arround issues and such while in the EA phase then we ask a simple question like this and no answer in 48 hours?

I just thought they would react more promptly to posts showing interest. I mean it's not like the forums here are overloaded with thousands of posts.

Hey! Iam sorry for that nobody answered you.

I will do my best to give you the answer tommorow since Community Managers are off the office right now. I promise you that 🙂 Thank you for understanding.

I'm in the US and my PING varies by 300, from NA servers to Asia. I get between 60-79 ping on NA, between 170-179 EU and usually around 360 asia.

Hey! So finally I can bring you answer. NA servers are located in LA. 🙂

Thanks for the answer, finally! 🙂

How come then from Canada my ping is the same as EU? Someone running a server in his basement or a true professional host running thousands of servers?

The server would be better if were in the central US.