Before the helicopter arrives towards the end of the game, the fps is constantly 15-25.
Because of this, I can not be the first because of the low fps. Since 5-6 players have watched fps 10 around, we are more likely to encounter them. I'm dying. The game is good overall. It was such troubles when playing Survarium. But from the last "render" I get great fps. It needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Also; I take the game to the lowest level. If the resolution is 1024x768 or 1920x1080, the fps in this last section is low.

My system requirements are:

Windows 10 x64
CPU: I3 6100 3.7 GHz.
MSI B150 gamming m3 mother board,
Sapphire RX480 4gb + nitro,
8 GB Kingston 2133 MHz Ram,