I have a 6700k 4.4ghz
32 gigs of ram3200mhz
gtx1080 +500 on memory
I am getting over 70fps easy and after 1 hr streaming on twitch I dropped 34 frames total.

I have had the same frame drops. I usually am at 80-90 and every now and then they would drop to 20-30.

I fixed this by restarting the game. I had the game open for a long time, like 6 hours. That is when the problem started. After restarting it got much better.

Yes, I am seeing the same, going 80-100 fps, then dropping to 40 and then back to 70-80 fps and in general I feel stuttering, which makes playing not as fun as earlier. Running on HDD, but earlier I did not see this stuttering, so likely it is not to do with the disk.

Shouldn't be my setup:

Ryzen 7 2700X & 1070Ti.

After some more matches I notice stuttering as well, mostly when you engage an enemy inside a building for example and both players are firing, game is on SSD.

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Only slightly, but it's very random. As of right now, I can barely do just about anything, since the FPS drops to 10 and below every couple of seconds. Hopefully, they'll get around to it with a patch soon.

Running on ASUS X556UR

Nvidia 930mx - 2GB VRAM
i7-7500U 3.5 GHz

Beta 1 wasn't great, but it was playable.

Now I can't really play at all. FPS drops so low I can't shoot and the game looks uglier on top of that.

ive had enough now, going back to the first insurgency! this is no longer fun, im getting WAY TOO MANY fps drops and massive stutters etc, wish I never bought the game 😞

Hey now @syks01, this is literally a beta. Not the usual early access bullshit. During beta 1 they fixed most glaring problems on day 2. Leave complaining about your purchase for the release.

Game runs way better this time around 120-150 frames everything on max.

@confuzed said in Performance:

Game runs way better this time around 120-150 frames everything on max.


i doubt it.

@confuzed said in Performance:

@benz you want a screen shot?

For what? People with 1080TI's don't get close to 120FPS with settings on high. I don't need some faked screenshot from you to prove some absurd and obvious lie. The game is CPU bound atm. even if you have 10 Titan X cards it won't run 1080p on high settings. So stop trolling.

"everything on max." -> look at screenshot: low low low low low

Bad troll.

@benz you think I would take the screen shots just to mess with you? Sure
There are dips for sure but I have never been under 90 frames

@benz oh shit dude I am so sorry I am sure I put this to max, sorry for wasting your time 😞

30-50 FPS with Med Settings and frame drops. Better than Alpha, but not close to where it should be. Keep it up guys.

FX 8370
GTX 1060 6GB

@mamba I get 70 fps most of the time (which its capped at through riva tuner). 60 in combat. and depending on the map 55 at its lowest.

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@Max80 With that much beef what FPS do you get uncapped?

Our clan are original issue INS players, our systems are more typical of my specs. Not looking to spend major $ to play Sandstorm. We'd still like to give NW our $ but spending hundreds or more on upgrades to do so is right out.