Fear The Wolves Early Access First Update

Hi everyone,

Fear The Wolves released two days ago in Early Access on Steam and many of you have parachuted straight into the ruin of Chernobyl!

We'd like to thank all of you who showed your support so far - we're committed to make Fear The Wolves the best game it can be!

We've worked hard on your feedback and are happy to release a first update today. It mainly features optimization and bug fixes, but also long-awaited features such as 21:9 support. You can learn more about our plans for future update in our roadmap here.

Fear The Wolves - First Update

  • Added Ultrawide support for 21:9 monitors.
  • Rebalanced the mouse sensitivites allowing players to better manipulate their settings.
  • Client performance improvements resulting in more stable FPS in most areas fo the map.
  • Added an alert when attempting to open an empty lootbox or air drop.
  • Made it so that players will always move horizontally when holding the MOVE FORWARD key.
  • Add an Auto-Settings feature when launching the game for the first time.
  • Several client crash fixes.
  • Laid the groundwork to add languages quickly in the near future.

See you in game,
Fear The Wolves Team

@netheos game is nice i played it on my low pc and it run well i like it im just sad cuz i wont keep the game early access code and ill have to buy it but ok ❤ keep up good work

I still havent been able to get in game due to low player count 😞

Just got home from work, I hope today fares better *fingers crossed

Did a decent amount to fix some of the hitching. Nice work there. Seems like the spectate mode is causing a massive amount of lag. The more spectators there are, the worse the lag gets. It starts out much better than before the patch, but once it gets down to 15 or so players, it starts lagging and by the time it's down to 7, it's pretty bad.

Good work on the last patch. I feel like the parachuting has been nerfed a little to much on this last patch, maybe situate the drop chopper higher up or extend the horizontal speed of the airdropping character so you can reach further places?

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Probably US Barbarrossa. When it does fill up, 1/2 of the people are Chinese, lagging the shit out of the server and abusing lag switching, for a cheap advantage. They did the same shit on PUBG. They are also the highest populace of cheaters on any game. The number of cheaters, coming from China, playing PUBG, was absolutely unbelievable. Literally in the millions. They were even openly selling their damn cheats right on the PUBG STEAM forum. They need to be locked to their own region. They only create problems. Of course atm, it's kind of a necessary evil, to get a full server.

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Tell me how to change the language in the game?
I saw that some people have russian language of in-game menu on the streams.