Best idea for this game yet

MAKE IT FREE. You guys obviously didnt sell many copies if your giving testers codes to play for free. I was almost excited that maybe id actually get into a match. During the testing period i totalled like 6 matches due to hours of cue times. Now you GAVE it to me for free and to play early access with the idiots who paid for this crap and STILL after an hour havnt gotten in a match. I will NEVER pay for this game for the fact your lying to the consumer. This is a 100 player royale right? During beta i never saw a que with more than 63 people (but more like 8 in the us) and now its even less maxing at 40? False advertising. Dont be the douchebags that take money and run. Refund. Make ur money on cosmetics bc you really cant sell this trash to people and expect them to not refund it before even seeing a match. If i paid $20-30 for any game and couldnt play it bc i was qued for an hr that shit would be immediately returned to steam. Dont burn your bridges. Youve already lost the faith of STALKER players...

Id rather u make it free to play for everyone early acces. Then upon release charge your fee. This way we could give legit feedback bc we could actually play. Especially in us. How can we give legit feedback at 177ping?! Youd gain more players and a following and force people to buy it if they like it. I dont see you surviving the royale royale rn if you dont.

Wow finally got in after switchin to eu servers smh. Helicopter froze on drop. I can see through my body while dropping. Got a gun and ammo but it wouldnt let me load it. Does this game have harry potter invisibility cloaks? Cuz my hands were holding an invisible weapon. Seriously?! HOW THE FUCK IS THIS WORSE THAN BETA?!

They may have lost your faith, but you certainly don't have the ability, or authority to speak for an entire group of people. The fact that you think you do, along with this super bitch whiney post, make you look like a complete baby. This community is better off if you whiners just move along. We certainly don't need people like you playing, acting like a cock bag. Bye, good riddance.

Oh, your idea is dumb as fuck too. It's amazing how many idiots there are that think these people should just devote their lives to creating free games for you to play and then act like bitches about playing a free game, like people do with Survarium. Take your entitled, whiney ass upstairs, out of mommies basement and have her change your pampers. FFS.

But I have to agree with him, in early access thi sgame should be free, so at least the playerbase goes up. Right now noone wants to buy the game, so i get stuck with 20 minte queue times for duo games. Its horrible. There are almost no players and in every game you see the same people. Just look at the kill feed. It must be like 60 people active on EU.