Nvidia latest update bugs the game

I got the new updated drivers from Nvidia today and ever since, I haven't been able to start a match or a replay. I can get ingame, but the loading window for a match or a replay will just end up taking me back to the main menu. I've confirmed this happening to other coaches as well.

Focus Team
  1. Open 'Windows Explorer' or 'File Explorer' from the taskbar.
  2. Open 'Documents' then the folder 'BloodBowl2'.
  3. Delete the file 'Config' (Config.xml).
  4. Test.

Oddly enough, and like the last two big issues I had with BB2, it fixed itself after a day or so. Thanks anyways! I hope that fix is useful for other players.

that wont fix the issue cause the config file keeps reappearing. i don't believe it NVidia update. ive had the graphics issues since the last windows update. i have a nvidia card in my msi ghost pro 60 gaming laptop. used to be able to run the graphics on very high with the spectators and grass enabled and now i cant. i posted about this problem in another thread and got the same standard bs reply. tried deleting the config file and it keeps reappearing when bb is started. then i was told the problem was with windows and that i should check for updates but when i do windows says that the updates are up to date.

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