What do you feel when you shoot insurgents in the game?

It's not recoil though.

The recoil of the weapons are in this second beta round is reduced even more. Almost non-existant now.
This is promoting spray-and-pray behavior among players since you are not punished for spraying. Even less so now than before.

This is in my opinion not a typical spray-and-pray game. This is a tactical, supposed to be a bit more realistic than the other modern military shooters out there. Where you flank, take cover, strike when the time is right and AIM CAREFULLY.

Less recoil is promoting full auto shooting. Simple as that. And it's not what this game is supposed to be all about.

Here, watch this and you will get what I mean. https://gyazo.com/c86ee03e40423ebf45b7e37b61a9b083