Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Update - A Shift in Direction

This was a really good post! Thanks for the updates and for being honest with us all!

Really pleased to hear about the single player being dropped for now. As exciting as it was, I'd prefer everything go into making the core gameplay as polished and complete as possible, because in the end that's where our hours are going to go. Having the campaign come out later on down the track sounds great as well though, it would be a shame to put all that work to waste after all.

I like this reloading concept. I played this navy seal game on the playstation 2 years ago that gave you mags that you had to cycle through to choose which one to use based on how much was left. It was very annoying. I understand a level of degree for realism is to be expected so I like this reloading concept. It's just at the right level that wouldn't annoy me. I like hardcore but not super hardcore. I think that's what made insurgency so good too.

I am really excited about this game! Was waiting for so long! I hope we could test it out 😄

Hi, when registering there is no UTC 0 timezone

Glad to here about the progress being made, can’t wait to see some alpha footage 😉

Can't wait to see what more interesting features will be added in Sandstorm. I do hope that the Campaign mode will be added post-release, as it was something that I believe a lot of us will be looking forward to, especially the co-op part of it. Would be interesting if there can be community-made campaign modes, much like how the current Insurgency have community maps on co-op missions but with a story and more variety in objectives. I agree with some of the above that Ambush is one of the game modes that is fun to play, having been playing most of my time in Ambush for one year in the USMC and VIP servers.

Really excited about this game and looking forward to playing it!

emmmmm,where the "register"???that webpage I can't see anything about the "register".

I'm chinese.I've been playing this game for 2300 hours.but I can't see anything about the "register" on that webpage.I really really want to play the sandstorm.

Sad to see Argyll/Andrew Spearin leave NWI, but he leaves knowing that he did an awesome job with NWI all these years since the mod days of INS and I wish him the very best in his new endeavors and it kinda sucks that the SP aspect will not be there in day 1 release, but hope is not lost since it can be added at a later time for those SP enthusiasts to enjoy, yet for me INS has always been my go to for that awesome MP PvP lethal experience and the fun Coop too, so you know I'll be there in day 1 band wagon. 🙂

This is fantastic news since I primarily play PVP and don't mess with singleplayer. I applied for the closed beta, wish me luck lads 🙂

Can the devs please rethink not including Ambush in Sandstorm? I literally have almost all my hours in Insurgency playing only Ambush!

Oh dayum..... So the legend (me) gets to make a name for himself again eeeehhhh!

Ambush should be included. Rush B!

As a player with 500+ hrs on record in Insurgency I'd like to see Ambush mode in Sandstorm which for me is best mode in game. About 400 hrs I've been playing and still playing only on Ambush mode. I think it's one of the most popular, most competitive and teamworking game mode. I just can't imagine playing Insurgency without Ambush mode so I hope yo NWI guys won't forget about those people for who this game mode is very important.

Personally, I wasnt interested in single player mode. I cant wait to play this.

When I try to apply it keeps saying I'm not a forum member....

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