Have a Small Weak Spot on Security's Gunship Fire Support for Easy Takedown (Suggestion)

If there is no players in your team that has a RPG equiped, then the only way to take down a Gunship (if on the attacking side in order to push up) is to attempt to shoot it down by regular bullets. Since there is little option for more than couple of players to play Gunner, there should be a weak spot for all other classes to hit for critical damage.

I suggest that a small weak spot on the Gunship itself should be included for the Insurgent team to try to shoot at, like the tail rotor for example so the Gunship will loose control and balance. I don't know where a soldier should aim at on an enemy helicopter in a realistic situation, but there should be a vulnerable shot on the helicopter itself other than the underside. If any does know, or clarify vulnerable points of a helicopter's anatomy, please comment about it!

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Realistically, I have some really bad news for you about the AH-64 Appache.

On top of being heavily armored from the bottom, the Appache has several redundant systems. The tail rotor has four blades. The helicopter has two engines. The fuselage is self-sealing when punctured by small arms. The cockpit is separately sealed and armored, so if one man dies, there's a good chance the other is still kicking. You can also fly and operate the heli's weapons from both seats.

Realistically, the gunship is a raging middle finger to anyone on the ground without explosives.

Now I don't know if the Explosive Drone prioritizes helicopters and Technicals, but it'd be an excellent idea to have them programmed to counter those specific fire support options.

Damn, I see. I guess the hard way is the right way to go if RPGs are limited. Not like the majority of the team would let the helicopter fly freely. A lot of the games I played so far had most of the team fire off a barrage agaisnt the helicopter, so the reactions are mutual.