Why is the ACOG scope STILL on the Insurgent side!?

@BlueMouse "Not like they have stolen all ACOG scopes in existance; it's a fairly common/popular scope for Western armed forces, so it's constantly being produced on the Western side."

Well it ain't being produced for the west/security in INS:S bahaha. Like I've said before, if the ACOG was to stay on the INS, I'd rather see it be an older TA01 model with it being all dusty and roughed up just like how the M16A2 is all dirty. This would still fit your story of INS claiming a western cache of equipment. Then give the newer ACOG version to the SEC side.

Surprisingly, the ACOG is available for SEC weapons in checkpoint (but pretty much everything is available), so its not like they have to do any work to make it available for the SEC in push/firefight/skirmish because it's already possible in the game just in the wrong area.

Because insurgents find weapons and equipment either from the black market or overtaken police/military stockpiles that purchase these from other countries.

@imacookie Yes and I don't have any problems with that. My problem is that the INS have the ACOG and the security DO NOT when it's been THEIR ICONIC optic for decades!

@jarple Oh I see, haha

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@iggor003 Zero constructive criticism, feedback, positive contribution or expression. Please try to provide some of the aforementioned approaches in your future posts.

First of all, it's the only x4 optic most Insurgent assault rifles can use and secondly I sometimes refrain from using it because it just doesn't 'fit in' on the Insurgent side.

Using it or not isn't really the matter here, the matter is (which you've clearly not understood at all) is why a popular advanced expensive western optic is on the insurgent side and NOT the security side in which it clearly belongs.

@iggor003 Hopeless. You're just one of those. Using it or not using it doesn't change or solve anything.


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@bluemouse +1 true i mentioned it before and the devs listened and gave insurgents american weapons and scopes so it have to stay this way insurgents do have a lot of stolen weapons and optics in real life

@DutchpowerNL Stolen items from the opposing faction is fine but the faction doesn't even use it themselves, that's my problem.

@jarple Yeah I agree, I don't know why the security side doesn't have the ACOG or the M9. I mean, M9 is a standard issue for the US troops!

@io543 While I agree on the ACOG missing from security loadouts, the M9 has been replaced widely by the SIG P226 within US armed forces.