Before this topic starts i want to mention that this is very little thing to remake, but i think it will add to the game more.

So far so good! The beta is looking really nice, and there are waaay,waaay less bugs from the last alpha and beta i have tried. Also there's a huge fps boost, i went from 50-60 with constant stuttering to 100+ fps which is incredible. Now here's the thing i want to be remade. I have noticed that there's a tutorials menu, and when you open it, you see a bunch of tutorials which are quite usefull, since there are some new mechanics such as the commander and faster reloading etc.


BUT dun dun dun duuun when you see the tutorial about the gas feel kinda dissapointed. You just put your mask on withouth an animation and its kinda boringa as well as dumb. Now this isn't nowhere important to the game but i think it will add some more action to it, seeing how you put a mask on and go true the gas. Just make an animation for putting a mask on that would be nice.
Much love from Bulgaria! ❤ 😘