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Okay, I preordered this to see if I can run it, turns out - yes I can, I can load into offline just fine and get decent enough FPS to at least enjoy the game. Problem, every time I try to join any online server - it just disconnects me at 95% with "Lost connection to server". This is really frustrating, it can't be on my end because I have a decent connection and nothing else is having this kind of issue!

Happens to me all the time also, same issue of "Lost connection to server" at 95%

Apparently, quite a few people are affected by this issue. Explains why so many people don't connect to comp. matches. Fixing this kinda problem should be really high on their priority list IMO. But apparently, this problem is already present since alpha.

Been trying to play for almost two hours and it has none stopped happened

3 hours into this game and I haven't been able to join a single game "Lost connection to sever" is what I keep getting.

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This usually happens if your loading time is longer than 80 seconds (typically caused by slow harddrive or slow CPU). Please locate your client logs and send them along with your SteamID64 (or link to your Steam Profile page).


Zip the entire directory and submit it here or to our support e-mail: support@newworldinteractive.com

I was reading the thread on Steam and have sent the log file alone, apologies, but it's been sent to the support email. Why is this happening? Why this arbitrary lock-off at 80 seconds? I hope the log helps fix this but it really is surprising that 'this' is the issue that can prevent so many folks from playing online.

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@hisani The time out is there for various reasons (EAC security, match stalling, etc.). We will increase the threshold in future update, this hopefully should allow you and others to connect into the match. However this will not fix your slow hardware, which means you will likely load in too late for first spawn.

@arc Honestly as long as it's possible to play online, it's all good, heck considering I might end up dropping in mid-game I might spawn right before a respawn. Thank you for the response. Also, considering i'm about...10-20 seconds short, it shouldn't be that big of a difference I feel.

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@arc In the future? I might as well get a refund then. I haven't been able to get into ANY matches because apparently you don't support HDDs. At least that's a good thing to put on the recommended requirements, "SSD."

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@draxephi We can't fix it in the past, only in the future :3

Also, SSD is definitely recommended but not required.

You have to understand that read/write speed decreases over time so 10 year old 7200RPM drive might end up worse than new 5400RPM one and there are other factors to consider as well (physical position of the data on the drive, fragmentation of these data, HDD cache, subsystem throughput, etc.).

@arc The only question I have I guess is, is there any ETA for this patch? On release or next week?

For me, there would be no problem in simply not being part of the first wave spawn, the problem is more that is directly binary that i don't have an SSD and its mandatory in this case wich is never a thing in other games, not the lack of specs in any aspect, so i really hope this gets fixed

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And hopefully it's enough time to encompass a wider range so even if its a bit longer less folks will have issue like this, or the fact they may end up stuck as a spectator. Either way, I hope the fix for this is out soon so I can finally play online for once.

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So: as long as this doesn't get fixed -> comp matches won't start. Keeping in mind that prob. 1/10 comp matches start and the rest gets aborted because people can't connect... again: this NEEDS to be fixed ASAP.

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